Hold your next team building day or office outing with us!

It’s easy to get good players. Getting them to play together, that’s the hard part.
– Casey Stengel


At Paint Monkey, you’re taken out of your comfort zone and introduced to a unique environment. that allows you to loosen up and bond with your co-workers in a whole new way.

Example of Fluid Painting

The idea of doing a painting can be very intimidating. But it’s very rewarding to work through your fears and come out the other side with your own masterpiece – or better yet a group masterpiece. We’ve seen anxiety turn to pride in a few short hours. Painting is very therapeutic.  It exposes a whole different side to people’s personalities. Sides you might not see in an office environment.   At the half way point, we break, we walk around and look at each other’s work. Even though everyone starts at the same point, each painting is taking on the personality of its master. You’ll laugh and encourage each other and learn from the different perspectives each person brings to the table. Camaraderie is strengthened!

We offer a few different team building workshops. The first is doing individual painting (brush painting on canvas or abstract fluid paintings-with no brushes) where everyone does their own individual piece of art.  Another workshop is a group painting, where everyone paints a part of a larger painting. All are lead by one of our in-house artists.


Covid Update:  We are doing virtual painting classes for you and your team. Is your team scattered throughout the country? We can even ship the accompanying paint kits out for you for an additional cost. Get in touch for rates and availability (or to just ask questions!).