Parking in Lawrenceville for Both Locations

There are a limited number of visitor’s parking spaces directly in front of the Ice House.

If you’re attending an evening session, you may double park by pulling straight in (everyone leaves at the same time). There’s additional on-street parking on 43rd for evening sessions.

Paint Monkey Ice House is located at 100 43rd St. (3-1/2 blocks north of Butler St.) on the 2nd floor, studio 212. Paint Monkey is listed on the directory left of the double door entrance. Follow instructions on the directory to be buzzed in. There is an elevator straight back if needed.

When parking for the 4020 Butler Street location, there is on street parking on the side streets and right on Butler Street.  After 5PM the PNC Bank lot on Butler Street is available for parking.  There is also a municipal lot at 43rd & Butler Street.